Numerical control woodworking lathe factory share the car out of the wood is not smooth?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-11
Numerical control woodworking lathe manufacturer share a knowledge, a lot of friends to ask questions, the use of numerical control woodworking lathe car out of the wood is not smooth, what's the problem? After our engineer analysis, lists the following these possibilities for everyone, you can contrast these details to see which part is out of the question. Sometimes with numerical control woodworking lathe to produce a product has the appearance that is not very smooth surface, so what are the reasons for this situation? So several ways: one is due to the numerical control woodworking lathe props design again is not very reasonable, the reasons for variant is not sharp knives. Another is because, in the process of reproduction enterprises in order to improve the production efficiency, operators of blind to improve the speed of numerical control woodworking lathe, rather than the speed of production in accordance with the relevant provisions, so as to appear the phenomenon of product rough surface is not smooth, even some products also can appear the phenomenon of wood. The third kind of circumstance may be CNC woodworking lathe programming problems, because of the lathe operation room to carry on its own system, so it's possible because when programming errors, makes the tool running furnace line is not reasonable, so as to product surface not smooth problem. So say to numerical control woodworking lathe problems after screening according to the nature of the problem for many kinds of situations, ensure that the correct solution.
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