Numerical control woodworking lathe failure or false failure phenomenon analysis

by:Gewinn     2020-04-17
Numerical control woodworking lathe is a machine for large, when in the use of numerical control woodworking machinery may be out of some fault or false first, then we can be a bit worried, don't know how to deal with, we use numerical control woodworking machinery to share that could I have one of the following failure or false failure phenomenon, how to deal with! Hope to be of help! 1 CNC woodworking lathe turning power have instructions, no information display screen line loose or fall off retightened display signal lines 2 CNC woodworking lathe turning power no order, no information display the power cord is not connected/fuse burn out check power wiring/open electrical box replacing the fuse. 3, wood lathe control display all normal but a button button failure damage/button tail line fall off or short circuit to replace button/reset the tail line 4, the control woodworking lathe turning the supply at the same time the screen appear flashing proximity switch end line short circuit to replace proximity switch tail line or replace proximity switch 5, numerical control woodworking lathe can normal boot, but the motor power functioning lacks/fuse damage/thermal relay jumped check power wiring/replacing the fuse/reset 6, woodworking CNC woodworking lathe spindle thermal relay output speed disorder governor Settings incorrectly opened the box to adjust speed the speed setting knob 7, numerical control woodworking lathe work when a sudden stop direction and accompanied by a step motor vibration stepper motor direction have sundry turn lead to blocking removing debris, restart the power supply 8, CNC woodworking lathe work tool in a motionless, step motor and no vibration stepper motor control line open circuit or in a state of suspended again line or restore state 9, numerical control woodworking lathe automatically reset when a shaft back to zero but can't stop the proximity switch induction distance too far or near switch damage to readjust the proximity switch or replacement proximity switch 10, woodworking lathe work tool when stopped at a motionless, step motor and no vibration stepper motor control line open circuit or in a state of suspended again line or restore automatically 11, numerical control woodworking lathe system indicates the error set did not meet the requirements or there are other incorrect reset or correct operation when don't understand the problems do not to deal with maintenance, operation may result in failure to expand blindly, make it difficult to repair. After the above rule out inspection is still not working, shall be immediately disconnect the power and contact as soon as possible. Above is our numerical control woodworking machinery to provide prompt everyone safe operation!
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