Numerical control woodworking lathe failure to avoid small measures

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
Numerical control woodworking lathe failure to appear from time to tome, in the use of the usual delay output, threatening the safety of the staff, as long as we understand the cause of the failure can completely avoid the risk of failure. Tired work is prohibited. The fruit of the many fault is formed due to the worker because tired. Each worker should rest on time, as long as to ensure full of sleep, talents with high quality. Numerical control woodworking lathe speed is very high, the onset of waste, maybe at high speed, but they may scratch the body. Homework personnel are not familiar with the function of the lathe operation and safety operation technology. If not in accordance with the safety operation procedures, and no carpenter machinery equipment equipment safety protective equipment or safety protective equipment failure, are simple formation damage failure. General machine is manually into the feed. It is the leading cause of scratch hand main reason. Work or have to wear gloves. Above is CNC carpenter lathe in the course of using, causing the cause of the fault attack, hope in the later work, pay more attention to the above several aspects, avoid all unsafe factors.
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