Numerical control woodworking lathe fault diagnosis

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
No matter what to do should have a certain law, order, was able to finish effectively. Like diagnose the faults of CNC woodworking lathe, many users in the numerical control woodworking lathe after failure, especially after multiple fault, don't know where to begin. Below small make up to you to introduce the fault diagnosis of CNC woodworking lathe order. Should first should first solve the problem of easy to solve the problem of difficult, often after solve simple problem, difficult problem can be easier. Then the internal and external before nc system itself more and more low failure rate, but most of the fault is external. Find more easily after mechanical electrical and mechanical failure, and numerical control system and electrical fault diagnosis is difficult. First after static dynamic, first under the machine the stationary state of power by understanding, observing, testing, analysis, confirmed after electrify will not result in a failure, after again in the running state for dynamic observation to find fault, but the destructive failure will happen after the power supply, so must first rule out the danger before electricity. Above is the fault diagnosis of CNC woodworking lathe order, hope to be of service.
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