Numerical control woodworking lathe feeding methods and steps

by:Gewinn     2020-03-25
For everyone to explain about feeding methods and steps of numerical control woodworking lathe, everybody please detailed study. Rotary technology is implemented through the wood lathe, the lathe can you finish the above two different types of work: spindle turning and chuck turning ( The plane turning) Through the wood lathe parts above, can system to complete a work of art ( Of course, these are professional description. Ha, when I first met with it and I don't know what it is. ) Here I use a named grizzly brand lathes. ( Massa Lydia, BMW mercedes-benz brand I knew, lathe brand understanding I was a little white) Lathe simple adjustments to determine whether the drive spindle axis and tail centers on a straight line, need to put the former centers and tail centers near each other, and through the tailstock lock lever lock the tailstock, then observe whether two centers location is on a straight line. The basic steps of the wood on a lathe using center gauge for the timber center positioning ( Beginning to get this ruler, I don't know what call, have never seen this strange ruler) Wood on both ends to center position to facilitate locating fixed timber lathe center. Top drive head end with chuck ( One of the chuck) Fixed the wood near the center. Wood tail with centers near the center. The rotation centers at the end of the handwheel centers move forward further tightening of wood. ( Again to grasp the camera side have their claws out is a difficulty how high technology) Then through the tail centers locking ganjiang centers neck. Wood on the basic steps to complete, if other chuck on the same is true with other shapes of wood. Above is step rookie description of images and pale, believe that will be easy to understand.
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