Numerical control woodworking lathe from imitation to original

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Shanzhai has become a big logo of made in China, all kinds of counterfeit products flooding the market, CNC woodworking lathe market. China's original design on the market of CNC woodworking lathe account for less than 3%, the proportion is quite low. The whole market have realized this point, the road to continue to hold, enterprise is no hope of the future, more and more enterprises have realized this, numerical control woodworking lathe fortress era is coming to an end. Chinese numerical control woodworking lathe must be carried out in the original design breakthrough. Perhaps China's technical level can't keep up with the world advanced level, so far unable to enter the high-end CNC woodworking lathe market, but this is only temporary, believe that will be on the technical innovation in our country in the future, to catch up with advanced level. For now, the road of our country's independent design must be started, the market demand for original design has never been so urgent. Until the domestic numerical control woodworking lathe shanzhai products abroad, meet with the benefits of low-cost production. But serious, the homogeneity of low-end products market has led to a low-end product market is also very serious, independent original is imminent, had to send. Various facts show us, the domestic numerical control woodworking lathe enterprise is given priority to with processing, transformation is given priority to with design. At the same time, from the 'copying the foreign design procedure' to travel design blocked 'plagiarism' poliomyelitis in the round. Numerical control woodworking lathe domestic enterprises also should be more clearly know: CNC woodworking lathe is no longer limited to the price competition, it has risen to the chain, which dominated by brand and design competition. And original design as an asset, it can not only help CNC woodworking lathe enterprises to achieve maximum profits, but also in products for the enterprise from 'brand' to 'famous brand'. Believe that our country numerical control woodworking lathe can has new breakthrough in the independent design and technology. Above is the whole of the numerical control woodworking lathe from imitation to original content, hoping to bring help, welcome to visit our website.
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