Numerical control woodworking lathe gear common failures and solutions

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Gear drive is now the most used on numerical control woodworking lathe a way of transmission, it has more accurate transmission, high efficiency, compact structure, long service life, etc. But equipment in use process will inevitably fail, so small make up today about the CNC woodworking lathe gear transmission are summarized for everybody there will be a fault has a solution. The main form of failure of gear with broken teeth, wear, pitting, agglutination. Broken teeth: because when stress of gear tooth root bending stress is the largest, and the stress concentration, therefore, tooth broken generally occur in the root part. If the tooth unilateral work, one side the root bending stress is tensile, the other side of compression, from meshing tooth, the bending stress is zero. Therefore, under the load repeatedly function, the bending stress exceeds the bending endurance limit, tooth root part will produce fatigue crack. Crack expands gradually, will eventually cause the tooth broke, this break is called fatigue fracture. Tooth caused by short-term overload or the impact overload of snap, called overload fracture. Made of brittle materials such as hardened steel or cast iron gear, prone to this kind of broken teeth. Abrasion: tooth surface wear is mainly due to the contrast between the chip and hard particles into the tooth surface caused by abrasive wear; The second is due to the tooth surface friction and the running-in wear each other. Wear tooth profile after losing the right shape, make the impact and noise during operation. Grinding grain of sex and is hard to avoid in the exposed drive. Using closed transmission, improve tooth surface finish and keep good lubrication can prevent or reduce the wear and tear. Pitting, teeth at work, the working surface of contact pressure stress increased from zero to a maximum value, namely the tooth surface contact stress is change according to the pulse cycle. Under the action of a repeat of high contact stress, tooth surface surface can produce slight fatigue crack, the spread of crack extension of metal particles to make gear tooth surface peeling off and form pits, namely fatigue pitting, continue to develop so that tooth mesh condition deteriorated and scrap. Practice shows that fatigue pitting first appeared in dedendum surface near the section line. Pitting corrosion resistance of the tooth surface mainly related to the tooth surface hardness, tooth surface hardness is higher, the pitting corrosion resistance is stronger. Soft tooth surface ( 福林≤350) The tooth pastry erosion often closed gear drive failure. In open transmission, the tooth surface wear faster, pitting could appear or extension is worn off, so usually can't see the point corrosion phenomenon. Can through to the tooth surface contact fatigue strength calculation, so as to take measures to avoid the tooth surface pitting; Can by improving the tooth surface hardness and roughness, improve the viscosity of lubricating oil and adding additives, reduce the dynamic load and other measures to improve the tooth surface contact strength. Agglutination: overloading transmission at high speed, often caused by meshing temperature lubrication failure, caused two tooth surface metal directly contact and mutual coupling. When the relative movement between two tooth surface, soft tooth surface along the sliding direction appeared torn grooves, this phenomenon is called agglutination. In the transmission of low speed and heavy loading, because is not easy to form oil film between tooth surfaces can also cause agglutination. Improve the tooth surface hardness and roughness can enhance ability to resist agglutination. Low drive using viscosity larger lubricating oil; High speed transmission USES include the agglutination of lubricating oil additives, for gluing resistance is also very effective. More than several common faults is numerical control woodworking lathe gear transmission and solution, hope to be of service.
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