Numerical control woodworking lathe grinding blade shape control of the details about it?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-28
In the use of numerical control woodworking lathe needs sharpening. Then whet knife blade shape control do? The following detailed introduce for you. Numerical control woodworking lathe knife, grinding is one of important, it is important to note that control of the blade, can ensure that the effect of the knife. Of numerical control woodworking lathe knife blade shape control consists of the following three aspects of content: 1. Blade symmetry check and control in addition to a few days, most of the cutting tools are required to bilateral symmetry, should regularly check the blade on both sides of the symmetrical when grinding, pay attention to the switch position and flip blade grinding, in a timely manner. 2. Blade shape consistency control line neat, blade edge lines smooth, force balance to ensure that the adjacent parts, prevent the serpentine stress. 3. Blade, blade clip the closer the grinding force is smaller, easily lead to the uneven grinding blade surface distortion, the actual blade Angle so smaller. In the process of grinding, edge grinding force is small, so serious flaws in the larger efforts when difficult to eliminate, and had a tendency to expand. With fine abrasive ( Ruby sharpening stone is best) Perpendicular to the edge, along the entire blade edge light Bei several times, but Bei off blade, trim flaw, then switch to a fine abrasive continuous light grinding, and can obtain very good grinding effect. Parts of the edge shear line above Bei drop, and finishing the location of defects. Remove the virtual edge is not beyond the shear line of above advisable, gently with fine abrasive grinding, attention should be paid to clean up from fall off the edge burrs, to prevent the damage of blade. Must be light grinding, otherwise there will be a serious defect on edge. Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe knife blade shape control of all content, hope can help to you, welcome to visit our website.
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