Numerical control woodworking lathe has a connotation

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
Numerical control woodworking lathe has been widely used in all kinds of woodworking factory production, mainly because some of the advantages of with the device itself, such as equipment conveniently, high efficiency, it can be finished in a short time products carving, etc. Domestic woodworking lathe technology development time is not long, can reach the advanced level, later will replace the traditional wood processing technology, but will be affected by the domestic timber market, industry development bottleneck of various unfavorable factors, thus develops slowly, in the future a period of time the traditional equipment and CNC equipment and will form the norm. Now the company to the international advanced technical standards, introduced the domestic and foreign advanced technology, mainly has the following characteristics: 1. Lathe the integration mechanism, never variant. 2. Two doors motorized spindle bearings with high precision. 3. The small resistance between the moving parts, high precision. 4. The control shaft adopts the most advanced motor and drive. 5. Cutting tool cooling can according to need to take cooling and cooling. Companies in the development of numerical control woodworking lathe at the same time, have all sorts of woodworking machinery and equipment of continuous innovation, welcome the masses of customers to come to work, to discuss cooperation.
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