Numerical control woodworking lathe in machining the cause of the error

by:Gewinn     2020-04-08
No one is perfect, gold without gather. It is a good thing also can have flaws, take the CNC woodworking lathe, after all, it is not all people to operate, appear a bit error is inevitable, so these small problem is what reason is caused? Below small make up take you to look over. 1. The gist of operation, the operator is directly with numerical control woodworking lathe finished product quality of pipe fittings, blind carelessness may be caused. 2. Equipment failure, when the equipment operation for a long time, occasionally appear a little error it is possible. 3. For knife or setup errors, incorrect or equipment in the use of tools and water appear a mistake, and equipment is in accordance with the control system configuration. Above is the reason why CNC woodworking lathe in machining error, hope to be of service.
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