Numerical control woodworking lathe interference problem solving measures

by:Gewinn     2020-04-12
Said to the numerical control woodworking lathe believe that everybody is very familiar with, it is now the most common equipment in wood processing enterprises, and its high processing efficiency and the use of low cost not only, but it is a good equipment in use process is also hard to avoid problems, then below small make up to introduce numerical control woodworking lathe interference measures to resolve the problem. A, equipped with power supply filter, reduce the pollution for the ac power. Second, the principle of one-point earthing. Will the power filter, driver (PE Ground) ( Drive and chassis backplane insulation) And the control PULSE PULSE - DIR - pulse and direction Short answer after the lead wire, electrical grounding line, drive and motor between cable protection cover, the shielding wire are received on the casing wall ground pole, and requires good contacts. Third, try to increase the line of control and the power cord ( L, N) , motor drive line ( U, V, W) The distance between the, avoid cross. Such as we in the process of twin screw drive system is in the same case of drives to install two locations, a drive plate in the front, the other is the later, and these lead to short on the structure arrangement. Four, use the shielded wire reduce outside interference to himself, or his ( The power cord) The rest of the world. Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe interference measures to resolve the problem, hope to be of service.
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