Numerical control woodworking lathe is a reflection of modern technology

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
In today's rapid development of science and technology, product update every day, it is difficult to reflect the development of the technology. In machinery and equipment industry, after years of development, which best represents modern technology, numerical control woodworking lathe is a reflection of the whole industry. Modern numerical control woodworking lathe belongs to a typical mechatronics product, the basis of a new CNC machining automation engineering office, but also the core technology of nc machine tools. To achieve control of the machine tool, need to use geometry information to describe the relative motion between the tool and workpiece and using process information to describe the machine must have some process parameters. Numerical control machine is a machine, electricity, liquid, gas, highly integrated products, light is a complex of precision machinery and automation technology. It in the process of the mechanical processing of various control information in the digital representation of code, through information carrier type numerical control device. After processing the numerical control device and a variety of control signals, control the action of machine tool, according to the shape and size of the drawing requirements, automatically to parts processing. Nc device is the core of the nc machine tools. Form of modern numerical control device adopts CNC, the CNC device using multiple microprocessors commonly, in the form of a programmed software CNC functions, therefore is also called the numerical control software. CNC system is a kind of position control system, it is the ideal trajectory based on the input data interpolation, and output to perform part of the spare part I needed to work out. Therefore, the numerical control device is mainly composed of input, process and output of three basic parts. And all the work by the computer system procedures organization reasonably, coordinate to make the whole system. Relationship between the level of numerical control woodworking lathe, to reflect the national comprehensive strength of national strategic position and level, it along with the information technology, the development of microelectronics technology, automation technology and testing technology and development.
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