Numerical control woodworking lathe is more and more wide prospect of market

by:Gewinn     2020-03-28
Speaking of numerical control woodworking lathe believe that everybody is very familiar with, it is now one of the most used equipment in wood processing enterprises. Its not only processing with high efficiency and economical, but in use is also have certain requirements. Then below small make up to introduce you to the numerical control woodworking lathe spindle speed requirements. 1, processing engineering can add and subtract by main body rotation condition in the rotating speed and feeding speed without affecting the processing. 2, to prevent the car after the wood and by cylindrical bending left broken cylinder from dangerous machines. Reduce replace belt groove slow down trouble, directly to the speed of the grinding. 3, pause/power off memory function, after the power suspension, power from suspended starting machining and not repeat, because would be repeated processing as the center of the fixed not processed the deflection caused by the cylinder, the deflection condition before repeating car wood will cause bad cutting of the cylinder; Especially in processing large column, stigma slow fust quickly. Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe spindle speed requirements, hope to be of service.
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