Numerical control woodworking lathe is suitable for what kind of driving mechanism

by:Gewinn     2020-04-22
Numerical control woodworking lathe knowledge research and report very much, is mostly about how to how to use the maintenance, I think we know this convenient knowledge is very! So today we share recommend lathe driving mode for everybody! Numerical control woodworking lathe transmission means has two kinds, one is the cone drive mechanism, this is the original old institutions, and is now the development of science and technology of infinitely variable frequency drive mechanism. I recommend the infinitely variable frequency drive mechanism the institutions. Cone drive mechanism is the transmission way earlier, the agency has simple structure, stable transmission, overload protection, but the size is big, the operation of variable speed inconvenience, low precision shortcomings. For three pairs of different cone variable speed drive mechanism in the composition of the diameter of the pulley. When the belt in the cone up in three different positions, to obtain three different transmission ratio. Its speed series is commonly 2 ~ 3 grade, at present is mainly used for high speed machine, small machine tools, etc. ( Not suitable for use in numerical control woodworking lathe transmission way) On numerical control woodworking lathe using the infinite variable frequency drive mechanism is appropriate, it not only on the method of use also is convenient, quick and quality stability, high precision, complete protection measures on the equipment and so on various aspects of the advantages of CVT can meet the high speed rotation of small workpiece processing and can meet the low speed of the big moment when processing, processing according to the workpiece size may at any time during the process of selection of 0 to 3000 RPM processing speed, and according to the appropriate amount of speed distribution, saving the electricity. Can timely alarm when overload operation, to ensure that the equipment run in the normal load, the effective protection of motor. Numerical control woodworking lathe transmission way we suggest choose the infinite frequency transmission mechanism, can make us better finish your homework. Knowledge of the above, do you have any doubt can contact our customer service, if you want to learn more knowledge, then please continue to pay attention to us!
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