Numerical control woodworking lathe is worth the reason why we use

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
With the constant progress of science and technology, numerical control woodworking lathe technology content is higher and higher, now it has realized the full automation operation, disposable products, is the most widely used in machinery manufacturing of machine tools. Let's take a look at exactly what are the benefits of numerical control woodworking lathe are worth using. The precise configuration: the numerical control lathe adopts frequency control of motor speed, ball screw, linear slide rail, stepper motor and other high efficient and precise electromechanical components to increase the precision of the machine tool, the efficiency. Production efficiency: the machine with double row axis, four axis two kinds of model design, general specification in a production of wood products can be processed simultaneously in two or four things to double the efficiency, when used alone one axis or two axis and can be used to expand processing range. Humanized operation: in order to different user needs, we design a CNC CNC and PLC intelligent localization nc two system, users can choose when buying. Intelligent CNC numerical control system: adopting the industrial control system, intelligent machine does not need human input, support U disk operation, the computer virus interference cancellation, can control the processing speed, has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency, effectively guarantee the accuracy in all-weather work; Easy to learn at the same time, customers can quickly mastering the methods of use of the equipment. Compact PLC localization nc system: high-performance PLC configuration character nc system, Chinese menu display, programming is simple, without special training, the CNC programming to direct input processing size, system can store more than 100 sets of processing data, an input can be used at any time; Suitable for users is not good at computer operation. Humanized design, automatic centering system used in the wood billet clamp, adjust size square before use good feeder height, will it to the left before the clamping position using the v-shaped notch position square timber, one-time positioning, convenient and quick, the clamping after turning it to the right for safety. That is worthy of our using numerical control woodworking car reason, hope to be of service.
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