Numerical control woodworking lathe knife method

by:Gewinn     2020-04-11
Everyone know for numerical control woodworking lathe tool is a very important parts, its sharp degree directly affect the quality of the processed products. Small make up today is to teach everybody CNC woodworking lathe knife method. Grinding technique is still the most important, have the following two aspects: (1) not only push broach sharpening Angle of fixed process, grinding Angle is fixed, and after the suspension, to determine the Angle, still can't change, must rely on a pair of steady hands and long-term practice. As a novice or poor technology, can be used to reference or measuring tools, to ensure a uniform grinding Angle before and after the switch. For example in the ridge to find the knife several feature points are numbered sequentially, and then the blade on both sides of the draw a tag line perpendicular to the edge, as far as possible by measuring mark points to the distance of the edge, according to the height of trigonometric function to calculate the required value, corresponding to the serial number record, knife to determine the height of the corresponding value, as shown. Push the knife in the direction of the best and a tag line, each time to determine the Angle, to adjust the position of the tool to the front of the switch with close, height, and then use a ruler measure marked points after reaching the calculated value of front, began to push the knife. This method need to tag and repeated measuring Angle, but the sharpening effect is positive, even more than many, therefore particularly suitable for beginners. Diction and stable push broach right direction blade grain had a great influence on the blade properties, must give the attaches great importance to. Cutting tool in the direction of the slide to wipe on the oil stone ridge one-way movement should begin from the edge to the knife, and with a vertical edge as far as possible, the purpose is to generate longitudinal blade grain ( Curved blade allows inclined blade grain) , avoid to produce harmful X edge and chisel edge lines. The right way to push the knife when cutting tool includes arc edge, as shown tool of sliding direction is different, the effect also have very big difference. The first case, the smooth brush direction and a vertical edge all the time, and maintain fixed grinding Angle. This method is easy to master, because the oil stone after the same position on both sides, the blade grain is not parallel, so will be accompanied by a large number of X blade grain. In order to weaken the X blade grain adverse impacts on the stability, can use a finer abrasive ( Ruby oil stone, for example) , make blade grain as small as possible. The second case, slip brush straight blade vertical direction only and the cutting tool, and always remain the same. This method belongs to the variable Angle grinding, the biggest advantage is the edge lines are parallel to each other, all longitudinal edge and oblique edge lines, and there will be no X blade grain, but without special knife tools, basic cannot complete by hand. Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe knife method, the hope can help you.
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