Numerical control woodworking lathe leadscrew maintenance methods

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
Numerical control woodworking lathe in the wood processing industry, now is the most widely used machinery, is the embodiment of the progress of science and technology in our country. With but now mechanical equipment to get the innovation and improvement, but also needs regular maintenance to maintain the normal use of the machine. Below small make up take you know about the screw numerical control woodworking lathe is how to maintain. 1, regular check, adjust the screw nut pair of axial clearance, ensure accuracy of reverse transmission and axial stiffness; 2, regular check loose screw support and lathe bed connection, and whether support bearing damage. If you have more questions to tighten loose parts in time, change the support bearing; 3, using the ball screw of the grease, cleaning once every six months on the screw of the old grease, replace the new grease. With lubricating oil lubrication of ball screw, machine work before refueling once a day; 4, pay attention to avoid hard dust or chip into the working process of the screw cap/touch attack shield, protective device have damage to change in time. The above is the maintenance methods of numerical control woodworking lathe leadscrew, hoping to provide help for you.
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