Numerical control woodworking lathe liberated Labour

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
With the development of The Times, constantly improve the level of science and technology, more and more high mechanization degree. Numerical control woodworking lathe is the mechanization process of the product, it improves the productivity, liberated the Labour force. In the seventy s, the workshop production requires a lot of manpower, a shop around each of the lathe is one of the workers in operating the machine, after continuous measurement of human, the visual discriminant workpiece quality whether is fit to the drawings. In the mechanical workshop has been seldom can see this initial lathe, for numerical control woodworking lathe has been completely replace the backward equipment. Numerical control woodworking machine to improve degree of automation, don't need workers moment in nearby, but only by the workers before processing drawings content using a programming language compiled into CNC lathes computer, the computer will take the initiative to analysis, through the central processor to command of equipment operation. The nc machine tool is a great relief for human, but also guarantee the quality of the goods. Numerical control woodworking lathe's advantage lies in its fixture planning now incorporate the modern idea of planning, on different processing needs, can be replaced at any time the cutting tool, and then is not the same as the appropriate processing. CNC lathe only need workers with programming ability, or it won't be doing the homework. Processing base of operation requires high level programming, a processing base can replace a few common CNC lathes, it can be equipped with dozens of cutting tools, and then can carry on the processing conditions change in a short time, can in a short period of time to create more complex artifacts. Our company is specialized is engaged in the production of CNC woodworking lathe and casting, processing, design, production factory, welcome general customers come to visit our factory orders.
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