Numerical control woodworking lathe machine knife hand installation and use of the secret

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
There is a saying good sharpener 'not afraid of your job, only the keenness of the grinding tool, will not delay cutting wood of kung fu. Also in the use of numerical control woodworking lathe is the same reason, only have done the cutting tool to ensure the completion of the task. If tool problems not only can lead to problems processing quality, processing efficiency will slow down. So small make up remind you at a time. 1, the manual way to the library with knife, make sure put in place, check whether knife seat lock lock; 2, it is strictly prohibited to put the overweight, super long knives into knife library, prevent manipulator change knife dropped during a knife or cutting tool and workpiece collision, fixture, etc; 3, in a sequential way choice knife must pay attention to the cutting tool placed in the order of the knife library is correct. Choose other knife way also should pay attention to whether agree with the required tool for cutting tools, prevent change wrong tool led to the accident; 4, pay attention to keep the cutting tools of the handle and sheath clean; 5, check the back to the original position of the tool storage is correct, check the CNC woodworking lathe spindle back in knife point location is in place, adjust, otherwise can't complete the action in the edge of the sword; 6, boot, should first make knife library and manipulator idling running, check whether the parts work is normal, especially the travel switch and solenoid valve can be normal action. Hope you can remember the above points, in the use of numerical control woodworking lathe, to grasp the tool installation, use and maintenance, which ensures that the numerical control woodworking lathe in machining can smoothly.
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