Numerical control woodworking lathe machining errors caused by several reasons?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-30
Numerical control woodworking lathe in machining wood if often appear error should from the following a few place to analyze and solve specific is what? Introduces for you below. Numerical control woodworking lathe in machining, hard to avoid can have some errors when the harm in order to reduce the error, we need first to know about the causes of these errors. 1, cutting load caused by deformation caused by the error of process system, including the machine tool, cutting tool, workpiece and fixture deformation caused by the error. This error is also called & other; Let the knife & throughout; Shape distortion, it creates machining parts, especially when machining thin walled workpiece or use thin tool, the error is more serious. Error: 2, interference caused by the change of the environment and the operation condition of random error. 3, the test error of detection system includes the following aspects: ( 1) The manufacturing error of measurement sensor and its application in machine tools installation error caused by the measurement error of the sensor system itself; ( 2) Due to the error of machine tool parts and institutions as well as in the use of the deformation causes measurement error of sensors. 4, some artificial operation error, some of the data error and programming procedure. In general CNC woodworking lathe because of these reasons lead to the emergence of the error, can be solved easily.
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