Numerical control woodworking lathe main characteristics

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Wood lathe numerical control can be in accordance with the requirements of industry, can work out the ancient sex, arc complex shapes of rotors wood products or semi-finished products, such as the manufacture of the equipment is suitable for small and medium enterprises, equipment production and flexible, can quickly change processing style, etc. Numerical control woodworking lathe has the following main features: 1. High reliability of the numerical control module, completed by my company independent development, for its work stability and after-sale service, installation and deployment are reliable guarantee! 2. Friendly operation interface simple, all characters suggest setting method is simple and size direct input. 3. Using linear slide rail with high quality and precision ball screw drive, effective control of linear error. 4. Using variable frequency speed regulation system, can adjust the rotation speed solve the problem of vibration wood! 5. Divided into the single axial and biaxial, the chuck can be mounted to the system to biaxial can produce two at the same time. Auxiliary parts: solid bed structure, little vibration. Company is also in constant development and innovation, strive to create a more convenient and faster efficiency of equipment, at the same time also need to the general customers support and trust, welcome the masses of customers to come to work, to discuss cooperation.
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