Numerical control woodworking lathe manufacturer to introduce machine modification for you

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
No matter what things in your life if broken, we first thought is how to repair it rather than to buy a new, machine tools, of course, also is such. Than to buy new machine tool numerical control transformation, nc machine tools to save the cost of 60% ~ 80%, renovation can also save the manual labor costs. Below we CNC woodworking lathe factory as an introduction to the four machine contents. 1. Accuracy of recovery and improvement of the mechanical transmission parts. Recovery and mechanical transmission part of the machine tool accuracy improvement, will be to meet the structure characteristics of nc machine tools and CNC automatic processing requirements. 2. Selected numerical control system and servo system. Its premise is to ensure that the system work reliability. General with performance price ratios, and properly consider after-sales service and maintenance, etc. 3. Selection of nc machine tools assist device. In the process of numerical control machine tool remanufacturing, according to the control function of the machine tool selection of auxiliary equipment. 4. Electric control cabinet design and production. Should pay attention to in the design of high-voltage electrical control part of the nc machine tools, CNC system characteristics and forms of the interface signals to match, and in the design process should be simplified as far as possible high voltage control circuit. The above is our CNC woodworking lathe manufacturer to introduce you to transform the entire contents of the machine tool, hoping to provide help for you.
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