Numerical control woodworking lathe measurement task

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Numerical control woodworking lathe is now the most used machine tools of wood processing industry, compared with the previous common wood lathe with high processing efficiency, high precision, less waste of wood, high cost performance, etc. Said to the accuracy, we all know only the measurement accuracy, CNC woodworking lathe to processing precision of parts. To introduce below small make up for all the four aspects of numerical control woodworking lathe measurement task. 1, only to find the artifact is or tool measurement. 2, according to the drawings for some of the attached measurement tasks, measuring cycle integration in the application process, according to the results of measurement to control processing, simple output measurements. 3, all measurement task complete integration directly in the process, according to the result of measurement to control processing, according to the CAD data programming, collision test, through graphic simulation output measurements in table manner. 4, the geometry precision of the workpiece after processing, programming, according to CAD data collision through graphic simulation test, the measured value for statistics, analysis and processing, tabular method and graphical representation and analysis results. That is the four aspects of numerical control woodworking lathe measurement tasks, hope to be able to help you when after measurements.
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