Numerical control woodworking lathe more than the minimum requirements of maintenance personnel is what

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Because of the numerical control woodworking lathe is a set of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic is equal to the integration of advanced equipment, personnel's quality directly determines the management and maintenance of efficiency and effectiveness. This requires nc equipment management and maintenance personnel should have high quality, with rich professional knowledge of CNC woodworking lathe equipment machine tool structure is complex, the link between each part closely, fault is broad. The management of the numerical control machine tool equipment maintenance personnel should be 'being much brain, begin', should not only pay attention to analysis and accumulation, also should study diligently, good at learning. Nc machine tools, CNC system, in particular, the instruction content more, usually have a operation, programming, connection, installation, debugging, maintenance manuals, functional specification, PLC programming, etc. http://www。 gmhwjx。 Com/hands-on maintenance personnel must have the quality, this is the most important point. Can skilled operate CNC woodworking lathe and instrument operation and maintenance of nc machine tool maintenance is dependent on the actual operation, for numerical control machine such precision, key equipment, must have a clear purpose, complete thinking, careful operation. Maintenance personnel to enter the general usually way to special operators. In addition, in order to judge fault reason analysis and maintenance process often need to prepare the corresponding machining program, necessary operation test of nc machine tools with the workpiece try cutting. Therefore, in a sense, a high level of management and maintenance personnel, its operating level should be higher than the operator of machine and using the ability of programming instruction should be stronger than the programmers. A good maintenance personnel must have the above content can be called numerical control woodworking lathe more than maintenance personnel
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