Numerical control woodworking lathe motility index

by:Gewinn     2020-04-18
At this stage of wood processing industry, has been without the use of numerical control woodworking lathe, is a kind of indispensable processing equipment. Numerical control woodworking lathe not only improves the production efficiency of the entire enterprise, also provides the guarantee on quality. In order to make stable and high efficient numerical control woodworking lathe work, we must ensure that the motility index of the equipment. First to do is to make sure of the motorized spindle, can say motorized spindle is built in motor spindle unit. The main features of it is put in the interior of the main shaft, the motor through the driving shaft of the driving power to directly homework assignments, in order to achieve the integration of the functions of motor, the spindle. Also is the traditional machine tool spindle is mainly done through drive stocks move spindle rotation operation. In addition to the electric spindle of high-speed, high precision, and stepless variable speed is more conducive to progress the quality of the machine tool, so widely used in car, grinding, drilling, milling and other machine tools. Other motorized spindle structure is relatively compact, this makes the mechanical efficiency, and reduces the noise, and its oscillation of small, high precision. These features as easy to complete machine high speed, can ensure that the static precision and dynamic precision. Second is about the spindle speed target requirements, numerical control woodworking machine tool spindle are usually chosen dc or ac motor drive, bearing is more is to choose the high precision bearing as the support, to ensure that the spindle speed is wider than scale and rotation accuracy, stiffness and vibration resistance is high enough. Currently on the market of CNC carpenter lathe spindle speed can reach 5000 to 10000, there are some special lathe speed would be even higher. CNC carpenter lathe motility goal is a contrast on all lathe important objective demand, only in the case of these goals can be reached we can produce in time for the accuracy of the goods can reach the requirement of the clients.
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