Numerical control woodworking lathe must pay attention to the voltage problem

by:Gewinn     2020-04-22
Numerical control woodworking lathe due to big volume, heavy quality, after buying machine often require disassembly transport, the destination and then to assembly and debugging. Lathe parts of attachment, connected to the power supply is an important problem, attention should be paid to the input voltage and frequency of the machine tool's confirmation. If is the domestic production of machine tools, general three-phase voltage 380 v, 50 hz, with our country's power supply voltage. If it is import lathe, may be inconsistent with China's power supply voltage, import machines are equipped with power transformer, choose to be confirmed. In addition to pay attention to the power supply is stable, if the voltage fluctuation, harm the CNC woodworking lathe, after may need to add stabilizer. Moreover, the phase sequence of the power supply to avoid wrong, wrong can lead to blown fuse, causing unnecessary trouble. Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe considerations about voltage, hoping to bring help.
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