Numerical control woodworking lathe must stop

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
In this era of science and technology developed, although more and more artificial labor were replaced by a mechanical equipment but CNC woodworking lathe staff before the formal mount guard will be on the basis of knowledge, safety knowledge and operation process of training, including safety knowledge training is one of the largest, proportion of trainer has repeatedly stressed in some cases must stop machine tool in machining process, so as to ensure the personal safety of staff. Below small make up to you to sort out the CNC woodworking lathe which circumstances must stop. 1, leave work, when people walk machine stop; 2, install, adjust the workpiece, cutting tool, measure the size, for example, check finish; 3, cleaning the plane on the iron filings or equipment when not in normal operation; 4, check the guide rail lubrication situation; 5, beam lifting, have to loosen the clamping device, after the lifting clamp, transverse joint beam down after must will bring forth your ascension a little at a bar again. In order to eliminate beam lifting lead screw and nut clearance; 6, should be paid attention to in the numerical control woodworking lathe work and the work before between workpiece, fixtures and cutting tools, tool post between the height, in order to avoid a collision, cause an accident. The cutting tool and tool rest long slip board outstretched length as small as possible; 7, when the workpiece installation, should cooperate well with the crane operator, pay attention to personal safety equipment safety and 8, pay attention to the protection of workbench face plate fixed whether appropriate, in case of metal powder and plane crumbs fall into sliding surface, grind damaged guide rail; 9, workbench is running, no clear table planer crumbs, and other items, prevent damage of falling into bed machine tool guideway and gear; 10, machine tool failure or abnormal occurs, shall promptly notify the maintenance personnel down the exclusion or maintenance. More than 10 kinds of circumstances, in the work in any one must stop immediately, hope you can attach importance to guarantee his safety.
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