Numerical control woodworking lathe need welding technical knowledge introduction?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-02
In the numerical control woodworking lathe will have some places need to welding, including how are we to proceed with the welding? The following detailed introduce to everyone. Numerical control woodworking lathe is a relatively large machinery, machine itself will be a lot of welding point, after using for a long time, is likely to open welding problems. Today, this article will explain to you the CNC woodworking lathe knowledge of welding. 1, the welding is a technical, if simply using electrode to crack up, is likely to affect the late time. So the welding should be carried out by professionals. 2, must first be clean before welding for welding parts. When there is rust and dust accumulation in the welding parts, it is not clear will cause the welding is not strong. 3, after the welding equipment must carry on the strict inspection before they can continue to use, avoid to cause the production safety. First can check with the naked eye, the welding place whether smooth, if there is a bump phenomenon, size is in line with the design requirements, the existence of the problem such as slag, need treatment and repair immediately if you have any questions. The above welding knowledge you have learned? If you want to continue to learn more knowledge, please browse our website the rest of the page.
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