Numerical control woodworking lathe numerical control characteristics

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Now the wood lathe has from the original manual operation to upgrade to CNC, the CNC woodworking lathe numerical control characteristics of what? Below we'll look at together. 1, most of the nc machine tool with the method of process focus, high production efficiency. 2, the nc machining process according to the input program automatically, high automatic degree and the specific processing technology content. 3, easy to realize the CAD/CAM, realizing the rapid development of products. 4, although in recent years in the timber industry machining center with multiple blade shaft and the flexible machining unit, but compared with multistep forming production line dedicated machine tool, there is still a large gap between its production scale and efficiency. 5, don't need a lot of sophisticated technology and equipment, through the programming or change the application to complicated shape and high accuracy requirement of wooden parts processing, shorten the product development cycle.
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