Numerical control woodworking lathe operating rules 5 steps

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
Accurate use of numerical control woodworking lathe equipment deployment can be set about security performance stable, eliminated due to inappropriate manipulation of CNC lathe hinder cause lead to the loss of security at the same time also can produce product quantity. We have to get to know what should pay attention to when using CNC woodworking lathe! First, woodworking CNC lathe that ship the belt and belt motor to control, stop the motor damage, cause interfering numerical control lathe, cause not the loss of their need. Second, woodworking CNC lathe guide to link in the flat state, and the best quenching process of the disposal of the penalty, to guide to the growth of the use of life, eliminate guideway damage frequency. Third, woodworking CNC lathe bearing selects the entrance to the bearing, and severe according to held the pace of settlement, accurate place pulley and bearing the glue pot departments, preparedness for resettlement subject made right means less active sealing side machine use, affect the production line. Fourth, woodworking CNC lathe transmission chain to link within the moderate category, not too tight or too loose, obey affect the numerical control lathe. Fifth, woodworking CNC lathe machining parts, must be held according to the requirement of the drawings processing, means not as good as itself a disregard for drawing processing, if there is the generation of this kind of environment must be held to processing, do more harm than good. Quality determines the quality of the product, in the operation of numerical control woodworking lathe when we must pay attention to, avoid the defective product output, can only let's practice the perfect products!
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