Numerical control woodworking lathe operation and maintenance rules

by:Gewinn     2020-04-15
Numerical control woodworking lathe closed power master switch, normal sending machine. Choose the way to return reference point, the X axis and Z axis return reference point respectively, all reference light bright. Input processing procedure, check input is correct. Lock machine, run the program, check the correctness of the program, especially to observe whether the coordinates of the procedures section size is wrong! Be sure to withdraw after XiaoKong operation! Let go of the machine tool and work-piece card try. Manually choose various cutting tools, try cutting method was used to measure the knife knife, knife repairing unit into and procedure rules. Based on degree of work-piece, manually move the tool post to G50 instruction set coordinates, unload try cutting the workpiece. Bring up the current processing parts of the program, choose automatic operation mode, select the appropriate feed ratio and quick ratio, press the cycle start key, start the automatic cycle processing. Should choose low quick ratio when processing, and use the single segment function, can reduce to knife error caused the failure of the program. Numerical control woodworking lathe maintenance matters every day after work, cut off the power and the various surfaces of the lathe, the casing, the slideway, screw, light bars do no oil, no iron filings, lathe looks clean. A week for maintenance in bedway plane and on the surface of the slide guide rail cleaning and lubrication. Usually when CNC woodworking lathe operation after 500 hours, need to level 1 maintenance. The maintenance work is given priority to with operators, in conjunction with the maintenance man. First of all, for the maintenance of the spindle. First, clean the oil filter, so that it is no clutter. Second, check whether there is any loose on the spindle lock nut, set screws are tight in the third, to adjust the brake and clutch friction plate gap. Fourth, the maintenance of the appearance. First, to clean the surface of the numerical control woodworking lathe and housings, keep them, looks clean, no corrosion, no pollution. Second, check and supplement the screw, the handle. After cleaning wipe, parts necessary lubrication.
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