Numerical control woodworking lathe operator training requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
Although now is more and more developed science and technology, mechanical equipment technology content higher and higher, but increases to the requirement of mechanical operation personnel. Such as numerical control woodworking lathe operator before mount guard take up to a month of training time, below small make up take you know about the CNC woodworking lathe operator need training content. 1, the theory of training: training must start from theoretical training work, and numerical control woodworking lathe operator must can be carried out at the bottom of the theoretical examination through the actual operation training. If theory training didn't pass, resolute can't operate training. 2, CNC woodworking lathe various software operation training, software training in rear can through the above training. Software training mainly concentrated in the field of user applications. 3, operation rules and training: CNC woodworking engraving machine lathe operating various considerations and maintenance training. 4, operation training, including the use of the software - — Various typesetting software, all kinds of operation, path generation, can quickly find out the path error, etc. 5, tool use training: after the theory training, must be trained in the cutting tool. The operator to the common tool, sculpture, motor speed, speed, matters needing attention, etc. , must be clear, the operator must be familiar with the application of the cutting tool. That is numerical control woodworking lathe operators need to training content, hoping to provide help for you.
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