Numerical control woodworking lathe parts cleaning and washing

by:Gewinn     2020-04-17
Numerical control woodworking lathe needs regular maintenance cleaning. Especially a few small parts is also very important, we antai CNC woodworking lathe for everyone to share parts cleaning and washing. ( 1) Identification before cleaning in order to accurately determine the breakage of the CNC numerical control lathe parts form and degree of wear and tear, after the disassembly parts benchmark parts and testing parts must be thoroughly clean, clear of these areas is not fine, it doesn't work out the correct fixes. Even caused by cracking not found has hidden trouble. ( 2) Machine wash before congress affect the fitting precision of parts surface debris, dust cleaning carefully. If cleaning is unqualified, can lead to early wear of mechanical damage or accident. ( 3) All kinds of pipe fittings, hydraulic parts, pneumatic components also belong to the scope of cleaning the parts cleaning quality will directly affect the work performance, even can't work normally. 2. Cleaning fluid characteristics and the types of cleaning fluid can be divided into two categories, organic solvents and chemical cleaning fluid. Organic solvents including kerosene, diesel, gasoline, alcohol, ether, benzene and carbon tetrachloride. Among them, gasoline, alcohol, acetone, ether, benzene, CTC decontamination, degreasing ability is very strong, well cleaning quality, evaporate quickly. Suitable for cleaning more complex parts, such as instrument parts, etc. ; Compared with gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil, cleaning capacity is less than gasoline. After washing dry slowly, however, the use of safe, economical and practical. Chemical synthetic oil detergent cleaning solution, has the good ability of bilge water soluble clean, and non-toxic, non-polluting, not burning, non-corrosive, low cost with water instead of oil, energy conservation and emissions reduction, is being widely used. Alkaline solution is sodium hydroxide, sodium phosphate, sodium carbonate and sodium silicate water is according to the different concentration of solution. Clean with alkaline solution should be paid attention to: if parts too thick oil dirties, should first be erased; Material properties of different parts unfavorable clean together; And dry in time, in order to prevent damage to the surface of a part of the residue. 3, surface cleaning method general machinery parts, to remove the old oil, antirust paint, and clean work is usually carried out by the following methods. ( 1) Preliminary cleaning cleaning including removal parts on the surface of the old oil, rust, and paint job. 1) To the old oil. Bamboo or soft metal scraping the old oil from parts or use degreasing agent to remove the old oil. 2) Skim. In degreasing agent 5 - the small parts 15 lllin; Larger metal surface with a clean cotton cloth or cotton yarn dip dip in stripping agent and scrubbing; General container or inner surface of pipe irrigation degreasing, every irrigation time not less than 15 min. The inner surface of the large container with nozzle spray degreasing agent to wash. 3) Rust. Slight rust completely shaved, to present the original metallic luster; For moderate rusty spot should be in the surface smooth. Should try to keep the slip plane of the joint surface and the surface roughness and matching accuracy. Rust after application of kerosene or petrol wipe, and divided by a moderate amount of grease or antirust oil. 4) Commonly used to paint method has the following kinds: rough machining surface are usually adopt the method of chipped; Coarse and fine machining surface can use cloth dipped in gasoline or banana oil rub to remove; The processing surface is rugged ( Such as screw, the gear side) , you can use rope or wire brush to brush. ( 2) Clean with detergent or hot oil ordinary machine tool parts after cleaning, to draw pictures. The application of cleaning agents will be processed on the surface of the pulp are rinsed clean. Original oil part, after the initial cleaning, if you still have a lot of grease, available boiling hot oil, but no more than one tank ℃. ( 3) Cleaning the old oil, rust layer on the surface of the ordinary machine tools, paint after wash with compressed air (first Save gas) ! Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe parts cleaning and washing of knowledge, hope you can help to you!
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