Numerical control woodworking lathe points selection need that time

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
Numerical control woodworking lathe in use, has an important role, and compared to ordinary wooden door machine, CNC lathe has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, wooden door is the modern wood processing enterprises want to improve the economic benefit is the main method. How to choose to use a high performance CNC equipment, mainly in the following aspects were analyzed. 1, choice of rational cutting parameter. Cutting parameter selection is reasonable, to give full play to the potential for machine tool and cutting performance, cutting tool to achieve high quality, high yield, low cost and safety operation has the very important role. Selection of cutting parameter principle is: rough turning, first consider to choose one as large as possible back turning, second choose a larger feeding, finally determine a suitable cutting speed. 2, cutting tool especially the choice of the blade is an important part of the guarantee processing quality to improve processing efficiency. Parts material cutting performance, blank allowance, the size of the workpiece precision and surface roughness requirements, such as the degree of automation of machine tools are important basis of choose the blade. 3, numerical control lathe can double as coarse fine cutting, so thick, should choose high strength, good durability knives, in order to meet the big car large turning, the feed back. Fine cars, want to choose high precision, durability, good cutting tool, to ensure the machining accuracy of requirements. In addition, to reduce the changeover time and convenient for the knife, should as far as possible using the machine clamp knife and blade. Clamping blade way is to choose the more reasonable, the blade had better choose coating cemented carbide blade.
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