Numerical control woodworking lathe processing order

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
In life, everyone no matter what things are in order to do it, a reasonable order to quickly finish. Numerical control woodworking lathe are, of course, it also has the reasonable processing order, reasonable arrangement of numerical control woodworking lathe processing order, to improve the production efficiency, improve enterprise economic benefits. Below small make up detailed introduce for everybody. One, for processing large number of parts, tool set points sequence method can be used, is by the cutting tool used, with the same finish cutting tool machining parts on all the parts can be finished, and then to tool change. This can reduce the changeover times, save time of the knife. Should also try to reduce spare travel at the same time, the machining of parts with the same knife, should be in the shortest route to machining parts. Second, the content more parts for processing, according to the characteristics of its structure, numerical control woodworking lathe machining part is divided into several parts, such as form, shape, surface or plane. General processing plane, positioning surface first, after processing hole; Simple geometric shapes, and then processing complex geometry; Low precision machining parts, and then higher parts machining accuracy requirements. Three, for easy to have the machining deformation of parts, can separate processes for rough and finish machining. In the classification process, must inspect the structure and manufacturability of the parts, the function of the CNC lathe, CNC lathe parts processing content, installation of number and the unit production organization flexibility. Other Suggestions based on the principle of process focus is based on the principle of procedure, according to the actual situation to determine, but must be reasonable. More reasonable numerical control woodworking lathe processing order, hope everyone in the later machining process must be reasonable arrangement order, guarantee the production efficiency.
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