Numerical control woodworking lathe processing procedure how to write

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Numerical control woodworking lathe, as the name implies, is the numerical control technology and the perfect combination of wood lathe. Its advanced nature is mainly manifested in the numerical control device, lathe can be manually program, input computer, a process to realize automatic lathe processing. From the above introduction, we can find a detail, would want to numerical control woodworking lathe need to write programs. Then numerical control woodworking lathe processing procedures on how to write? Today by the small make up for everyone to read it. Writing process is actually write down the process of machining, as well as manual processing, from where, where can a bit faster, which places to slow down a little, which place from the big diameter to trail processing and so on, also consider material and cutting tool, workpiece coarse or bending started processing speed cannot too tall, best first manual rough machining the workpiece can balanced rotation at a high speed. Writing process to reflect the machining process, the methods of combining speed and return back to dao embodied the characteristics of the work piece. Write processing program, select a plan number ( Please remember each scheme is what artifacts) , then fill in the number and the billet diameter, number of start can be a bit bigger, program, the numerical well number and then modify the section you can also use 'computer-aided design' to form a complete set of software programming. Please note that feed had better use in the manufacturing process of low speed, the blade or not used when processing feed speed move 'empty', processing section with smooth, go knife, machining large diameter change section with small feeding speed, the mutation or change the larger diameter section best from small to large diameter path speed feed processing. Automatically generate input processing time of the program, only need to input length, diameter and shape of each three numerical, shape for two digital input after two shapes will be automatically displayed. ( 0. 1 mm for one unit) That is numerical control woodworking lathe processing procedures on how to write the entire contents of the, hope can help to you, welcome to visit our website.
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