Numerical control woodworking lathe processing quality problems

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
The use of numerical control woodworking lathe, improve the efficiency of the furniture enterprise's production, is indispensable in the woodworking machinery equipment in the woodworking industry. With the utilization of the numerical control woodworking lathe gradually rise, our manufacturer summarizes two often appear problem, product surface is not smooth and the steps of the ripples. Below small make up can you analyze the solution of these two problems: the product surface is not smooth solution: processing of the products is not smooth, was no good grinding tool. Solution, the two sides will be v-shaped tool cutting grinding of symmetry, the point on the grinding wheel grinding to 0. 6 mm flat to the oil stone to fine grinding edges, on both ends to point a U shape. A corrugated solution: 1, poor lubrication, slider or ball screw in numerical control woodworking lathe power condition turn the screw by hand, if the resistance or resistance uneven size can judge is the guide rail slider or ball nut. 2, even the axis and the stepper motor, there are gaps between can in lathe electricity state head shaking hands back and forth along the way. To check, because stepper motor has self-locking function, I couldn't move the tool rest is normally. Solution: in the oil injection hole injection diesel cleaning slider and ball nut, and then injected into the oil lubrication. Or the clearance between the stepper motor and tighten screw, to improve the quality of numerical control woodworking lathe processing. Learn more about available on our website to browse other consulting, at the same time the company look forward to further cooperation with you, create a better tomorrow.
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