Numerical control woodworking lathe safety operation

by:Gewinn     2020-04-17
Shandong antai CNC woodworking lathe co. , LTD. , prompt you, no matter any machine please specification operation, CNC woodworking lathe is more important, read the instruction before operation, one step also can not save, we first take a look at the preparation for numerical control woodworking machinery at work! First is before work must be in accordance with the provisions, lubrication machine, check whether the handle in place, and open the local train test run for five minutes, confirm everything is all right to operate. Want to go to the prison chuck chuck, wrench can't stay in chuck or clamp head when the phone is switched on. Workpiece and tool clamping wants firm, tool rod should not be too long ( Except for boring) ; Turn the little rest stop, prevent tool collision chuck, workpiece or cut hand. High speed cutting, the use of chip breaker and protective screen. Ban on high speed brake, car back and stop to smoothly. Remove iron, the application of the brush or special hook. Numerical control woodworking lathe work in operation, the operator cannot stand on is the workpiece, the body without lathe, feet tread upon oil pan. Use file polishing workpiece, must hand in the former, left behind; With emery cloth, polishing workpiece to use tools, such as the 'hands clip' stranded in case of injury. In all labor, quantity and cutters should be put in a nearby safe place, do it in order. Lathe has not stopped, banned in front on the workpiece or measuring artifacts. Open or remove protective device is prohibited. After work, should be clean and wipe the lathe, and retreated to the tailstock and slip board box bed the right end. Safety operation is greater than the days of shandong warm prompt antai CNC woodworking lathe co. , LTD, our company is a professional CNC woodworking lathe, need friends please contact!
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