Numerical control woodworking lathe safety operation four points

by:Gewinn     2020-04-15
With the wide use of numerical control woodworking lathe now, everyone's understanding of numerical control woodworking lathe how many? Numerical control woodworking lathe to meet the needs of the development of the enterprise, but also greatly reduced the use of resources, saving the cost of production, but should pay attention to the use of safe use. To avoid unnecessary damage. Given the importance of the safety problems, here to introduce you to some safe operation of numerical control woodworking lathe four points. 1. The operator to distraction. Numerical control woodworking lathe feed most is operated by the staff, so once distracted, easily injured by the actions of the machine. This requires workers to work, want to have the corresponding protective measures, such as gloves, and then to concentrate on my job, especially in feed. 2. Numerical control woodworking lathe waste flying about. In operation, the numerical control woodworking lathe tell operation, produce waste may be limited by force, flying, may cut staff body. This, safety protection, operation officers wear good clothes. 3. Operator fatigue. This is the cause of most accidents, once too fatigue, in operation, it is easy to appear negligence, cause safety accidents. So, the operator must be more on time to rest, to ensure adequate sleep, to be able to do the work efficient. If the production time is tight, the task is heavy, attention should be paid to scheduling, don't schedule a personal work time is too long. 4. The operation of the operator. The safety of the operating personnel need to master CNC woodworking lathe operation technology, inexperienced personnel to arrange corresponding learning or let Lao shifu, with skilled alone again after operation. Above to introduce about the safe operation of numerical control woodworking lathe main points, hope everybody can remember. To protect their own safety.
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