Numerical control woodworking lathe sales seasonal is obvious

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Numerical control woodworking lathe industry in China has developed rapidly, demand is very big, but its sales of seasonal is very obvious, in recent years, the overall sales are almost low after high: first is usually in January and February sales usually will not too high, even in the early stage of the National Day is always the same, but after September, our sales peak season comes, after a decline began to slowly recover. For industry 2014 judgment is also there will be low after high moves first! Machine tool sales has a lot to do with the expansion of enterprise scale, the most general enterprise scale or at the beginning of this year at the end of the year, so, this time a machine tool sales peak season. You should be more good performance during the off-season developed CNC woodworking lathe, cultivating talents, get rid of the dependence on foreign products. 2014 we will have better sales! Our numerical control woodworking lathe company will develop better woodworking lathe, hope everybody attention!
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