Numerical control woodworking lathe security rises

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
On the basis of previous reform experience, after general machine tool numerical control transformation, machine tool power increased. A person handling a machine tool demand, after transforming a worker to manipulation of the two machine tools together. Also, the machine tool machining accuracy greatly improved after modification, formed by human error rejection rate significantly decreased. And decreased the labor intensity of workers, save labor, shorten the cycle and produce the new product production cycle, bring boundless economic benefits to the company. At present, China's most in machine tool is used by general machine tools. A huge number of general machine tool safety issues highlighted. So, security problems become its investigation in a large block. Add security features, enhance the level of machine tool essence safety, solve the lower level of numerical control, frequent malfunction, the low level of security personnel injury, produce power is not high. General numerical control woodworking lathe to numerical control after modification, can significantly improve machine processing power and degree of automation, intelligent. Down by the operator touch the possibility of dangerous parts; Operating system and the operating interface is more and more accord with the demand of the man-machine engineering, can be useful to reduce operator errors and cut by error occurred failures. By the numerical control machine tool after modification, safety function were significantly improved, and failure rate significantly decreased, will bring greater security benefit.
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