Numerical control woodworking lathe simple introduction

by:Gewinn     2020-04-17
Along with the development of The Times, the factory now is more and more, and to develop mechanization, I think we know about 'CNC woodworking lathe' is already very, CNC woodworking lathe in machinery factory is one of the more generalized! Numerical control woodworking machinery experts today and share numerical control woodworking lathe! Numerical control woodworking lathe was developed by numerical control technology and other mechanical technology, can work out the complex shape of rotors of wood or wood semi-finished products of woodworking machinery and equipment. Is according to the requirements, according to the characteristics of wood processing industry, woodworking industry combined with the wood products industry employees operating habits, independent research and development design patent products, through the numerical control technology control mechanical action, can work out cylindrical, conical, arc and spherical complex shapes of rotors wood or wood semi-finished products. Especially suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized wood industry enterprises, may at any time set shape, rapidly changing processing style. Equipment main features: main control part: adopting the high reliability of the numerical control module, complete application development independently by our company, for its work stability and after-sale service, installation and deployment are reliable guarantee! Operating system: friendly operation interface simple, all characters suggest setting method is simple and size direct input. Perform parts: adopts high precision stepper motor drive, ensure the accuracy of machining dimension by program calculation. Feed part: using linear slide rail with high quality and precision ball screw drive, effective control of linear error. Power section: the variable frequency speed regulation system, can adjust the rotation speed solve the problem of vibration wood! Main parts: divided into single axial and biaxial, single chuck, can be mounted to the biaxial can produce two at the same time. Auxiliary parts: solid bed structure, little vibration. Now is the era of CNC, choose good CNC woodworking lathe, make better products. Numerical control woodworking machinery experts for you to make better numerical control lathe, friends in need please contact us!
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