Numerical control woodworking lathe spindle to pay attention to what problem

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
Spindle is a major part of the numerical control woodworking lathe, or if the spindle cannot turn abnormal will lead to the whole equipment can't normal use, serious when can cause paralysis of the entire machine, main problems and maintenance to keep an eye on the main shaft well so is very important. The following will introduce the main problems of processing methods and maintenance. Numerical control woodworking lathe spindle can't normal use question 1, found that when the operation personnel of spindle turn instructions, found that more than sound or vibration motorized spindle runtime exception, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check the bearing. When running emits an odor or suddenly stops, should immediately cut off the power and security checks. 2, the content of the screening is to determine whether a spindle motor has been turning, if the main motor has the rotation, but not turn the spindle, was no on location shall be the transmission shift. This kind of situation, the operator should stop the spindle motor rotation, when the motor stopped, shift again. Note that every shift, should be accurate, closely fit in this way can gears in the transmission, or you will make the gear serious wear and tear, affect the use. Frequency conversion motor if there is a problem may also cause spindle can't work normally, can be controlled by the frequency converter. If machine tool for the frequency conversion motor, then you can see, in electric control cabinet, control spindle motor inverter. Frequency inverter parameter Settings, input and output signal, can control and influence the speed of the spindle motor. 3, if general motors is used, you can simply by contactor control. If machine tools for general motors, a main shaft turn, first check, operations staff for proper operation. Determine the correct, maintenance personnel can open the electric control cabinet, find air circuit breaker QF2, check whether the circuit breaker tripping. CNC woodworking lathe spindle without turn cause there are many we are going to have many considerations, is found abnormal timely treatment, otherwise there will appear at the same time to the parts that Ken problem so that it is not easy to repair. Numerical control woodworking lathe spindle speed requirements. 1, to prevent the car after the wood and by cylindrical bending left broken cylinder from dangerous machines. Reduce replace belt groove slow down trouble, directly to the speed of the grinding. 2, suspend/power off memory function, after the power suspension, power from suspended starting machining and not repeat, because would be repeated processing as the center of the fixed not processed the deflection caused by the cylinder, the deflection condition before repeating car wood will cause bad cutting of the cylinder; Especially in processing large column, stigma slow fust quickly. 3, processing engineering can be because of body rotation condition and add and subtract in the rotating speed and feeding speed without affecting the processing. Numerical control woodworking lathe spindle and maintenance knowledge 1, motorized spindle stop using for a long time, the application of residual coolant cooling pipe of compressed air to blow clean, and rust proofing of motorized spindle. Motorized spindle deposit or stop after six months, should replace new grease rear can use, otherwise will affect the life of motorized spindle. 2, to extend the service life of motorized spindle, a new electric spindle or replace new bearing motorized spindle should be divided the 4 - within the speed range 8, 30 min after every run up, avoid direct high-speed operation and shorten the service life of the bearing. 3, after the holidays, boot used electric spindle no-load running half an hour later, at the start of work. Above is small make up the most comprehensive summary about numerical control woodworking lathe knowledge, whether it is in use and maintenance, etc, have made certain specification, hope you can pay more attention to when using CNC woodworking lathe and maintenance.
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