Numerical control woodworking lathe structure and application of concrete?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-28
We mainly sells CNC woodworking lathe, today to tell you about some concrete structure and application of the wood lathe, hope you can like it. On the lathe is equipped with a variety of different metal tools and grinding head, can be achieved by rotating plate shape for it. More important parts include lathe bed, headstock ( Head block) , tail frame ( The tailstock) , head and motor. Headstock is fixed; Tail frame can slide along the bed size to form different operating space. Motor drive belt and pulley to drive is installed in the head of a bed in the horizontal axis, thus promote plank. Some lathe can be automatic speed control, others require you to manually to change speed, the specific method is to drive belt moved to different block and tackle. Lathe can accomplish two different types of work: spindle turning and chuck turning. The spindle turning can be used to make the chair rail, table legs, candles, bed column and the stair rail. Operation of wood along the length direction was suspended between the headstock and tailstock. Headstock is equipped with four claws thimble to drive the board; Tail attached to the center of the frame is equipped with a simple pin or bearing the activities of the plunger, the latter is more appropriate. Chuck turning can be used to make bowl, plate and vase, etc. For processing of wood have been screw in a metal panel on the headstock. To processing large size boards, can put the metal plate on the outside of headstock, then install the board in the above, and use a independent of the lathe tool rest. Used for the main shaft and chuck turning tool including different kinds of round mouth cant tool, lathe tool, knife and cutting tool. Woodworking with lathe tool is usually equipped with a longer handle for easy handling, turning tool is used on the tool rest forever, and cannot be used dangling. Different lathe depends on two things: one is the maximum distance between the headstock and tailstock, this distance determines the available of the spindle turning processing length; From the bed to the drive shaft centerline distance, the distance is when doing the chuck turning radius of gyration. In many families or small carpentry room can meet the standard lathe, during the spindle turning to processing board length is about 39 (in 99. 06cm) , chuck turning in the inside of the processing of wood diameter is about 16 (in 40. 64厘米) 。
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