Numerical control woodworking lathe tool to sharp edge

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
Tool is an essential part of numerical control woodworking lathe parts, good or bad directly affects the machining quality and efficiency, the ancients cloud 'to do a good job, must first sharpen his'. When we were in the use of the machine tool in up and down a lot of work, but the cutting tool use time is too long will be not so sharp. When we have to judge the tool is sharp, should be replaced? And from the analysis of characteristics of the structure of the blade, sharp judgment blade mainly depends on the following five important factors. 1, at the same time, the direction of blade grain direction and cutting more easily, and more sharp, each blade veins parallel to each other and with a vertical edge ( Longitudinal blade grain) The best. Resultant micro serrated blade veins on the blade edge, but also to improve the sharp; 2, the smaller the edge radius, and the smaller cut pressure, nature also more sharp, this is the most key elements that make sharp knives, synchronous double spindle wood engraving machine; 3, burrs will greatly increase the blade cutting resistance, is one of the important factors affect sexual sharp, sharp blade should be no raw edges; 4, blade Angle is smaller, the sharp blade, cut into the smaller resistance also, sharp also is higher, it is one of the important factors affect sexual sharp; 5, strictly speaking, the blade edge is slightly serrate, teeth and cutting direction consistent, cut with less stress, also the sharp edge. If the cutting tool found appear dull phenomenon to timely replacement, so as to ensure the work efficiency of numerical control woodworking lathe.
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