Numerical control woodworking lathe using what are the advantages

by:Gewinn     2020-04-17
Dynamic part of the variable frequency speed regulation system, can adjust the rotation speed solve the vibration problem of timber. Numerical control woodworking lathe spindle equipment parts, divided into uniaxial and biaxial, single chuck, can be mounted to the biaxial can produce two at the same time. Numerical control part adopts high reliability of the numerical control module, the use of the invention patent of 'sectional processing method and the numerical control system', friendly operation interface simple, prompt, Chinese characters input size. Installation and debugging service are reliable guarantee. Numerical control woodworking lathe equipment sixth generation body parts: national standard type of machine tool slide rail and the casting structure, bed V mountain track design, knife slip board machine adopts imported linear guide combination design, long durability, working stability is good. Perform parts: ball screw and stepping motor coordination, ensure the accuracy of machining dimension. http://www programming method. gmhwjx。 Com/processing program for sectional input, each kind of shape from big size to the path for a while; Several section of the shape of a workpiece. Programming is simple, all design, all will be operating. Numerical control woodworking lathe equipment against knife operation: in order to ensure the smooth degree of the edges and corners are part of the program design for reverse feeding way, the length of the positive for positive, negative when to return to, can guarantee from the big diameter to the feeding path.
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