Numerical control woodworking lathe what will sell well in the market

by:Gewinn     2020-04-15
After several years of development, numerical control woodworking lathe rise in sales in the market is very big, can fill up the whole industry's leading position. My company is analyzed about numerical control woodworking lathe has changed over the years, summarizes the following reasons: 1. Numerical control woodworking lathe large power, strong rigidity, wide scale of spindle speed. 2. Numerical control woodworking lathe spindle brake and the positive and negative changes is hydraulic control, brake loose, no parking available button to change speed. 3. Head in the box with pressure oil system is smooth, with several kinds of spindle speed scale, for users to choose from. 4. Slip board box have security organization, can prevent damage of large CNC woodworking lathe due to overload. 5. Rest can motor turning short cone, the longitudinal into giving the rest into gave the compound movement can motor turning long cone, lathe bed guide rail surface hardening, to guide the measure progress. 6. Numerical control woodworking lathe operating handle focused, easy to use. That is why our company summarized CNC woodworking lathe will sell in the market, as well as if you are interested in our products, we welcome you to choose at any time.
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