Numerical control woodworking lathe why would produce error, what reason is there?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-24
Numerical control woodworking lathe is a kind of high precision, high efficiency of a wood processing machinery, but the accuracy is high also can appear error, so why do CNC woodworking lathe will produce the error? Lead to the cause of the geometric error is a lot of, may be should be original manufacture error, or the control system, etc. , our company to share specific reasons for everyone! 1, test error detection system, including the following aspects: ( 1) The manufacturing error of measurement sensor and its application in machine tools installation error caused by the measurement error of the sensor system itself; ( 2) Due to the error of machine tool parts and institutions as well as in the use of the deformation causes measurement error of sensors. Error: 2, interference caused by the change of the environment and the operation condition of random error. 3, cutting load caused by the deformation caused by the error of process system, including the machine tool, cutting tool, workpiece and fixture deformation caused by the error. This error is also called & other; Let the knife & throughout; Shape distortion, it creates machining parts, especially when machining thin walled workpiece or use thin tool, the error is more serious. : 4, the vibration of the machine tool error when machining, CNC woodworking lathe because of the flexibility of the process and the process variable, its running state has the possibility of a larger, fall into unstable region, thus draw strong flutter. Leads to the deterioration of the machining surface quality and geometry shape error. 5, the original manufacturing error: refers to the parts of machine CNC woodworking lathe work on the surface of the geometry shape, surface quality, the position error between error caused by the movement, is the main reason for the CNC machine tool geometric error. 6, error control system: including CNC woodworking lathe axis servo error ( Outline of the follow error) , nc interpolation error. 7, the thermal deformation error: due to equipment internal heat source and environmental thermal disturbance of the structure of machine tool thermal deformation error. 8, other error: error such as programming and operation mistake. Said above is the numerical control woodworking lathe, the main reasons for causing errors all contents of the error can be according to the characteristics and nature of errors fall into two categories: the system error and random error. System error of nc machine tool is intrinsic to the machine tool error, repeatability. Geometric error of nc machine tools is the main component, also has the repeatability. Using this feature, it can be to & other; Off-line measuring & throughout; Can be used, & other; Offline detection & ndash; Open loop compensation & throughout; Technology to be revised and compensation, which is reduced, achieve the goal of precision machine tools to strengthen. Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe to produce in combination with the analysis of the causes of error, according to the situation of your equipment.
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