Numerical control woodworking lathe work medium

by:Gewinn     2020-04-13
Speaking of numerical control woodworking lathe believe everyone will feel very familiar with, it provides a lot of convenience to our lives, brought good economic benefit for the enterprise, the power for the development of furniture industry. Of course, such a good equipment, in the use of the request is also more. Then below small make up to you to introduce the working medium of numerical control woodworking lathe. Gas used in the numerical control woodworking lathe work medium, generally can be divided into two kinds: one kind is compressed air or nitrogen, this kind of gas liquid far distance under atmospheric pressure, the assumption of ideal gas conditions, is generally can be handled as ideal gas, the other one is water vapor, the distance is too close, not as an ideal gas. We know that the ideal gas state equation. Working medium of the three basic parameters of the pressure p and temperature T and specific volume V, there is a certain relationship, known as the relation between the working medium of state equation of real gas state equation is very complex, but the ideal gas state equation is relatively simple. Above is all about numerical control woodworking lathe work medium is introduced, and hope to be of service.
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