Numerical control woodworking lathes are widely used?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-25
With the vigorous development of the furniture industry at present, to a great extent, and so did the numerical control woodworking lathe market demand, because most of the wood furniture, and wood products processing the best machinery and equipment for numerical control woodworking lathe, as people enthusiasm for modern furniture, this kind of mechanical equipment in the future will continuously innovation and development. Current our country woodworking CNC lathe industry from the popularity of numerical control technology, gradually to specialized slag drier, intelligent and large-scale direction. In order to continue to maintain steady growth, China's furniture industry needs to popularize domestic nc furniture production line, in order to realize the low cost of mass production, improve product quality and labor productivity, and competitiveness. For example, in a device of an installation in finish machining of work piece turning, milling, engraving, drilling, sawing, edge banding, sanding, painting or cover multi-channel processes such as processing, furniture production of fully automated. We have to be committed to the development of solid wood furniture production of nc machining production line, such as chairs, wooden door products such as CNC machining production line. And represented by ordinary wood lathe numerical control woodworking machinery era has become the past, time has come for a mass production of furniture nc equipment. This is why one of the reasons for numerical control woodworking lathe so common today.
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